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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Facebook: A Face We Can All Recognize

The iconic image in which I choose is just that an icon. The emergence of social networking in my lifetime has led to an almost cult like following.  The fact is that no matter what time of day it is there is bound to be someone on facebook. The social revolution caused by this website contoured the voice of conversation in our society. The image itself invokes different states of mine for different people. Whether people are chronic users/abusers or are a shy social butterfly these websites have allowed us to connect into a deeper sense of what people stands for and what they believe in.
The image itself is vary familiarly we see it every day. The image appears to us in many different forms and on many different styles of media. We all feel the need to be connected which causes us to add this to everything. The application of facebook has been added to everything from iPod touches to new TV’s. The image shows up to us on every piece of popular advertising causing us to summon an image of the website in our minds. The culture surrounding the facebook has made and developed new styles of marketing.
 The advancing use of facebook as a place to advertise has created a niche in the market for companies to get their message out. It has also created a place for people to show their love or distaste for a company’s product. This outreach has allowed companies to use everyday people to be part of an ever ongoing research and development for new products. This has changed our society form a passive test group to innovators of new products. Facebook has allowed each and every person who wants to, change the image of our society. This use of facebook is seen to some as a good thing but to others the movement of our society away from personal contact.
The contradiction of this photo helps describe why people are either for or against the use of facebook. Being the location where such widely dispersed amounts of information can be found helps motivate the way people discuss and carry themselves in society. As we head towards more and more information about us being out on the web; the image of this site shows the lapse in privacy and how people have begun breaking down barriers between them. We find some people who do not like the use and believe that it is taking away from society as a whole; but others who agree with the use of facebook say it helps us advance as a stronger society. Facebook whether used a great deal by people, or not, has involved this website to become one of the most iconic images of our generation.

Carson Klug

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