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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Iconic Image of our Generation

Within the past decade, technology has changed an unbelievable amount.  What seemed crazy and unreal ten years ago, or possibly five years ago is now a reality and now accepted as “normal.”  The picture of this iPhone does not represent just a phone to me, but an iconic symbol of our endless access to news and media. 
                Access to media has become a social norm for today’s generation.  We are now capable of doing anything anywhere.  We can check email, surf the internet, check scores of the game, or even receive recent news alerts.  The possibilities are endless and will never stop.  I feel like this picture of the iPhone represents our generation well because our generation thrives on using some type of media.  We now spend more time using media then we do not using it. 
                The reason I chose a picture of an iPhone isn’t so much to represent the phone itself.  To me it represents the technological advancements that are available to our generation, and how it has given us endless access to media.  Also, smart phones, such as the iPhone, have allowed us to literally access it whenever we desire to.
                I think this iconic image can sum up our generation and will be a part of every generation to come also. –Alex Kaster

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