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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I know this is suppose to be a response on what you see, but im writing about what i don't see. At first glance of this picture I of course noticed the huge monument, large projecting screens, and the many thousands of people. After looking and analyzing the picture for some minutes I realize what lack of patriotism there is. You would think at one of President Obama's speeches there would be american flags, banners, and other forms of nationalism. I could be wrong about this but it might just show what kind of country we are. I have always thought there should be more patriotism thoughout our country. Maybe that is something to think about and hopefully work on as a country. Max Duncan


  1. It is unclear to me what exactly you are referencing, as there were no screens or monuments present in President Obama's recent speech. I believe you are referring to the Glenn Beck rally, instead. The grammatical errors are a bit of a turnoff for me, but this could definitely be improved upon if you are clearer in what you are addressing.

    - Nikki Edmiston

  2. I do not think you were looking at the President's Speech... Perhaps the Glen Beck Rally?

  3. I am assuming you were looking at an image of the Glen Beck Rally rather than Obama's speech because Obama's speech was given from his newly designed oval office. Regarding the surrondings of the rally i do agree with you on the message it sends to what kind of country we portray to be.