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Thursday, October 14, 2010

 For Americans we may not see soccer like the rest of the world does. Having football, baseball, and basketball overshadowing soccer in the U.S. makes it very difficult to appreciate the beautiful game of soccer and really see the impact the world cup had on the world. For countries with soccer as there main competitive sport it is not just a sport but it is there life. My old english coach always told me and my teammates that kids in England were born with a soccer ball at there feet.

          The 2010 FIFA World Cup was much more then just a tournament or regular sporting event. This month long event that comes only every four years brings  countries together. Together, to participate in the greatest sporting event on earth.  It is a time of peace and unity. You may ask yourself how can a simple game bring peace and unity? For a month countries stop almost everything they are doing to watch and cheer for there nations colors to shine on the biggest stage.    
Max Duncan

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