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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day After Christmas

The day after christmas 2004 was not as ordinary for people living in the far east regions of are planet as it was for Americans coming off this exciting time. I remember awaking that morning to the news of large waves ripping through most if not all of southeast Asia. The pictures that came from this event sent shock waves through the nation. The news coverage of this event went through months and months of clean up and health responses to the tsunami. The where many good and bad things that came from this tsunami. I believe though that the pictures that came from it made people realize the importance of prior warning system in third world countries.

The way that this inspired people was that it was during the season of compassion an caring. I believe as Americans we took the time of the year to realize the true importance of people and in the christmas spirit donated million of dollars to help these people. The picture also allowed us to realize the importance of human life and how it can be taken from the earth. I think that this picture also showed us our inability to control mother nature.

The destructive force of this tsunami had no numbered scale to be measured by. This was something that was an awe inspiring phenomena and created a recognition of the forces of nature. It also allowed many people to realize the true potential for energy there was in the ocean. The people harmed by this where half way around the world, but people gave what they could. The cultures of many different people where shown and we saw that the emotion of suffering and hurt is the same throughout the world. This picture not only inspired Americans, but inspired the world to respond to situations that are not what they would usually respond to.

Carson Klug

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