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Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Flower Power"

This is a picture of a man placing a flower in the barrel of soldier’s gun was taken by Bernie Boston in 1967.  This photograph was named “flower power.”  This photo was said to be possibly one of the most iconic photos of the 1960s.  It is of a young man placing flowers in the barrel of a soldier’s gun at an anti-war demonstration. 
                I believe the photo represents and is a symbol for people who promote peace.  I found the photo to be iconic because the two main objects in the picture, the flower and gun, are two complete opposites.  The gun can represent violence, death, pain, and suffering, while a flower can represent peace, love, beauty, etc.   I think this shows how ideas and beliefs can be promoted in a nonviolent ways.
 I found the photo to be very ironic because the soldiers seem rather tense with guns pointed and ready while the man putting the flower in the barrel and the man putting the flower in the barrel seems so laid back and calm. 
This represents the many in the U.S. who despise war and strive for peace.  I believe this photo can also relate to today with all the people who did not believe in the Iraq war.  
By: Alex Kaster


  1. "...said to be one of the most iconic..." By whom? I'd be interested in seeing the source of this. - Ralph

  2. here you go: