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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grassley. A True American

Zac Stevens
If this commercial doesn’t make you want to be the all around true American citizen then this country might not be right for you. Chuck Grassley exemplifies in many ways how he is not only true American citizen but also a true Iowan. He includes himself as well as many other people, from young to old, men and women, to show his all around citizenship.
            The entire video he is showing images and video clips of things that are American. He starts the ad with him driving an old, what seems to be, Oldsmobile down a dirt road. The car he is driving, the Oldsmobile, is one of the oldest American brands of cars that still exist and definitely a traditional American car. With the recent downfall that the automobile industry had one of the main things preached to Americans was buy American produced products, especially cars. Grassley shows not only that he supports America but also he gives the idea that he is a middle class citizen by the car being at least twenty years old. In this commercial Grassley shows us that the ideal citizen supports the U.S. economy by buying American products.
            A main component that Grassley carries throughout this commercial about his all around citizenship is how hard and diverse of a worker his is. He has shown diversity and hard work in his jobs through being a farmer, an assembly line worker, and a union member the commercial says. This also shows that he is an active man and knows the ways of the American working system in many different categories. The commercial shows the ideal citizenship consist of working hard in many different types of jobs so you can know how America is truly run. The ideal citizen also displays dedication by showing that Grassley runs at 5:15 in the morning. It is not just the working aspect that needs hard work put into it but also you need to invest in yourself in order to be an ideal citizen.
            The commercial also has the visual appeal of all of the smiling faces. Whether it is a clip of Grassley smiling or a person talking about him, most of them have a smile on there face, which gives the idea that he is a nice friendly man. They want the idea that the ideal citizen is nice and gets along well with other people. In other clips of the video they show him shaking hands people and they show him working on the farm with another person to achieve one goal. It is important for people not only to get along but also be able to work with one another. American citizenship is built on the concept that citizens help other people to achieve their goals but also the common goals. Grassley shows that he does this not only well but also with a smile on his face that conveys that he is happy to help anyone.
            Freedom and the ability to vote is one of the most common attributes that people think of when they think of a United States citizen. Grassley shows that he will never pass up an opportunity to vote with the stat that he has had nearly 6,000 straight senatorial votes in office. He is a man that understands what citizenship is about, says the commercial, and he will not downplay the importance of his voice as a U.S. citizen.
            The commercial presents Chuck Grassley as the ideal citizenship with all of the characteristics he has, from hard work and dedication with a smile to always making his voice heard. The commercial tries to convey a perfect citizen so that we can see how to like our lives and hopefully model Grassley to be such.

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