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Friday, October 29, 2010

Education and Hard Work: Roy Blunt a Prime Example for Americans

Hadley Jennings
Roy Blunt is a Republican candidate for Senate in Missouri. He is a Missouri Congressman and came to the United States House of Representatives in 1997. He is currently running for a Senate seat in the 2010 election on November 2.
In this advertisement above, it talks about how Roy Blunt grew up a dairy farm, became the first to graduate from college in his family, how he became a high school teacher and later a University President at Southwest Missouri Baptist University. This advertisement is a model for citizenship in many ways. First, you can model or put yourself in the mindset similar to Roy Blunt. If you are in a family where you are the first to attend college, graduate and become the first person in your family to succeed. This is a model for nationalism and work ethic. In a way that is described as this, when you graduate college and become the first to do so in your family you display persistent work ethic and devotion to your family and in all your nation. If you devote yourself to a college or university for however long and move on to a job in the United States it displays your intense work ethic to achieve your goals and it displays in some ways nationalism. Nationalism has many meanings such as it being a movement in which you conquer you dreams and aspirations in regards to the nation.
 That theme of work ethic  ties directly into the second model for citizenship that Mr. Blunt gives us which is, if you have a dream of becoming a teacher, businessman, or whatever you aspire to be follow those dreams and aspirations. He followed the example set to him by his grandmothers as school teachers. That shows that he values education and hard work to achieve your education and that is something America is drawing more and more towards the value of your education. More Americans are furthering their education by college degrees and some do not stop there they attend Graduate school after college.  This all requires hard work. Without hard work, instilled in him through his parents growing up on a dairy farm and from his grandmothers through schooling, Roy Blunt would not have gotten to where he is today. Mr. Blunt was not just happy settling with the idea of being a school teacher he moved onto a high role as an educator of American people. Roy Blunt assumed the position as a University President at Missouri Baptist University. This shows he encourages higher education, not only through Southwest Missouri Baptist University but through colleges and universities everywhere.
This advertisement not only shows how he models citizenship by his accomplishment but by his views. He wants the children of America to be able to make the same decisions about education as he did and have the dreams of modeling themselves after inspirational people in their lives. If America keeps on the path it is going on, jobs will be harder and harder to find and keep and in result children will see their stressed parents in their jobs and not exactly want to be what their parents are. They will find themselves being forced into higher education with no dream of what they want to be and especially a turn off view towards what their parents are. They could find themselves undecided on what to do with their lives because they are focusing on desired jobs and that could possibly force them into undesired majors and unhappy futures. Roy Blunt in this advertisement shows how he cares about that scary, realistic view of the children of America’s future.
I may be reading too much into this advertisement for the purpose of validating my point, but to make the point short and sweet Roy Blunt exemplifies just what the title of this advertisement is: Education and Hard work. Though one voice from Missouri cannot change the face of America through laws, one voice can speak loudly to a group of people that group of people is myself and others as Missourians.

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