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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Election Day

The main feature that caught my eye on CNN was the non-stop banner scrolling at the bottom of the screen which contains very important information. It is important because it displays information that the commentators did not cover, which is very critical to viewers. The banner also displays stats and percentages on individual races, and how many seats remain. This aspect of CNN is very key because it is very easy for the common person to make decisions and base opinions on there own instead of listening to a commentator talk.

The overall coverage of the election was presented poorly in my eyes. I feel the blue and red colors on the screen were representing the democratic and republican sides. It was as if they were showing a game or competition instead of covering a election. Of course there will always be sides within politics, but shouldn't we focus more on what is best for our country? Making so much separation between political parties divides our country in a way where I believe it is hard for the average person to form opinions and make decisions on there own. For example, thousands of people say that the Yankees are there favorite baseball team simply because they are always on top even if they know nothing about there program. This is where the television programs such as CNN needs to simplify and go in to more detail about the election instead of the dividing of two separate parties.  Max Duncan

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