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Monday, November 8, 2010

Visually Displayed Ideas from the Republican Party Headquarters

While the election coverage the night of the election on November 2nd was immense, the coverage the next day was almost equally as significant.  Various news stations featured articles and video clips about the results of the election and what certain key political figures thought of the outcomes.  This CNN video clip features the current House Republican Leader John Boehner speaking to the media about the Republicans claiming the House in the election.  The issue is especially important to him not only because he is the current minority, but also because he is likely to become the new Speaker of the House.  This video clip presents important ideas that stem from the “A Pledge to America” background, the image of Representative John Boehner speaking, and the shown people’s persona.

Backgrounds often contribute to the message that a speaker is trying to send to the public.  They serve as an additional reminder or reflection aid for the audience to assist them in truly extracting the meaning of the speech that is being given.  The “A Pledge to America” background demonstrates the fact that Representative Boehner is literally giving a pledge to America within his speech.  Throughout the speech, he states what the election means for Americans, and what Americans can expect to happen as a result of the election.  He offers his pledge to American about what he hopes to see accomplished.  The background simply reinforces that idea even more.  Also, this background symbolically represents how driven Representative Boehner wishes to appear.  He wants Americans to know how truly focused and serious he is about what he is speaking about within his actual speech.  Also, the “A Pledge to America” background is a reminder to the public about what the speech is trying to accomplish, helping them to refocus on the topic once their minds begin to wander.

Placement of people behind a speaker is usually a very strategic and well thought out task in the political world.  The people, who are in the camera shot of any significant televised event, convey specific messages to the public who is viewing the event.  Look to the video clip of Representative Boehner’s speech.  He speaks in front of three other people who are all at the Republican Party Headquarters.  Placing these people behind Representative Boehner creates a unified front in the audiences’ minds.  It shows everyone watching this speech that other important Republican figures support and will actually stand behind what Representative Boehner is saying.  Having a unified party is majorly beneficial for any political party because it shows the public that what the party wants to do is actually the best option since so many people are behind it.

The professional attire that not only Representative Boehner wore, but also the business formal appearance of the other politicians featured in the clip portrays the image that these people are the right ones for the positions that they are in.  A well-dressed politician is essential in Washington.  Representative Boehner’s clean cut, professional suit confirms in the publics’ minds that he is capable of maintaining Congressional etiquette and being professional in his approach to societal issues.  Furthermore, just about everyone featured within this clip is dressed in some form of red, white, or blue.  This subtle, yet intended hint, redisplays the Republican Party’s national pride.  It creates the idea of the Republicans desiring to do what is best for the nation and the people within it.  This video clip featuring Representative Boehner clearly portrays images about the Republican Party through the “A Pledge to America” background, Representative Boehner’s election speech, and the attire of the people present.

Mary Rometti

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