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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This advertisement is paid for buy the Dan Kapanke campaign. Mr. Kapanke has served in the past as a  Wisconsin State Senator. He is now though running against Mr. Ron Kind for the third congressional district house seat. This seat has been held by Representative Kind for almost 14 years. Through these years Ron Kind has seen many different sways in the power of congress and this might be his last shift in power he sees. Mr. Kapanke is a small business owner from La Crosse, Wisconsin. He also is known as a hard working man. He own the minor La Crosse Loggers baseball team and can be seen working along side others at the stadium selling peanuts.

The advertisement itself is not so much of an attack ad as it it advertising the facts of Ron Kind taking money for meeting with his constituents. This practice is shown to be frowned upon by the color and the lighting of the ad. This ad also displays documents that come from one of the most reputable papers in Wisconsin proving allegations of taking money for meetings. Large words are also displayed and used to get the point across. The word disturbing comes across like it is suppose to with not only the word being shown but also the face of Ron Kind.  The words "pay to play", and "pressure to give Ron Kind money", try to make the viewer have a sense of fear of Ron Kind.

Ron Kind charging doctors to meet with him over the health care bill was and still is a gross misuse of his office. Ron Kind should never take money for meeting with these people. This ad though might skew what he took the money. This money could have been taken for him talking about the health care bill at a dinner or meeting. This ad is not to support Dan Kapanke rather it is used to change peoples opinions about the political life of Ron Kind since he went to Washington in 1997.

Vote Dan Kapanke Nov. 2nd

Carson Klug

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