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Monday, November 1, 2010

Rod Roberts

Representative Rod Roberts is a Republican from Carroll, Iowa who was attempting to gain the Republican nomination for Iowa’s gubernatorial election in 2010. Unfortunately, he did not receive the Republican nomination; however his ads before the primary election reflected a strong sense of citizenship.

In this particular ad, the scenery seemed to play a large role in the development of a sense of citizenship. The ad begins in a house with people Rod Roberts is close to. It represents closeness and support that we all need to get by. We are all independent beings in America, but we all do need someone to rely on sometimes.

The scenery then moves to two different images with Rod Roberts at places of employment. He was first at the Pella Windows factory in Carroll, Iowa. The second place of employment is Farner-Bocken Company, a distributing company based out of Carroll. These are the two largest employers in Carroll, Iowa. By adding these two sceneries in his commercial, Roberts is creating a sense of work ethic. These people work in a factory or warehouse and work long hours every day. They know what it is to have a work ethic. The next place Roberts is seen is on a farm. Farms are very common in Western Iowa and are very crucial to Iowa’s commerce. This scenery also represents the sense of work ethic. These farmers work long hours every day, especially during the fall and spring, to get crops out and feed Americans everywhere. Any Western Iowan can see this and understand the sense of work ethic this represents.

The last scene is of Rod Roberts reading and playing with his family. These are actually his grand-children. The look of a family reading together and playing together shows strong family values.

In his advertisement, Rod Roberts also created a model for citizenship in his verbal message. He said he wanted to create new jobs and bring new businesses to Iowa. He believes everyone should be trying to stimulate Iowa’s economy which is very important to our economic situation right now. More jobs means more opportunities which is part of what being American is about.

Roberts also said he would like to cut taxes. He said Iowans work hard for their money and should keep more of their paychecks. This goes along with the last point of stimulating the economy. If Iowans are working hard and having more money to spend, they will stimulate the economy.

The last point Rod Roberts made may be his most controversial point. He said he is pro-life and would like to defend traditional marriage. This is what our country was founded on. He is basically saying being a good citizen means following religion and not wanting abortion or gay marriage.

Kelli Riesberg

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