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Monday, November 8, 2010

Map of the Election Results

Thousands of Americans sit at their computers constantly clicked reload awaiting the results. The TV switches between so many states and all they care about is their own. They click on cnn’s map of the U.S and focus on their states results. They click on their state for an in-depth look at how the results are broken down. Each state is separated into their districts and counties. Moving the mouse around the state to see how the results are going. Only 1% of the results are in and still they are anxiously refreshing the page hoping they change in their favor.
            As more and more results come in some stats change from blue to red or red to blue, each district within the states doing the same. Some states are predictable, while others are waiting for the results of the race, because they hope their candidate will pull through. It’s the visual of that map with each state highlighted in blue or red that keeps them looking. They stay intrigued because they want to see how it turns out. Each race they have seen advertisements for, or heard on the radio, they want to see all the results, clicking refresh every few minutes, feeling anxious and wanting their candidate to win. This crazy frantic checking goes on for many hours because some polls do not close until nine, and it takes time to get the results in. After hours of waiting some will stay the whole time to see if their candidate is victorious, while others will wait as long as they can and will see the results in the morning.
            When the final votes are added in to the overall tally and the winner is chosen, some will celebrate while others will just accept the results and wait until the next election. Those who watch the results and did not vote, have very little right to be upset, being that they made no effort to vote for change. The only people who have the right to be upset are those who actually went out and voted. The cnn election results map is a good representation of all the individual votes adding up. As the results begin to poor in you can see the counties that make up a state, and how their numbers are looking. It is made easy to monitor as 1% results becomes 2% and as that number increases there is no way to tell where it will go. Some will make predications, but it’s really up to those who went out and voted.
Caroline Salozzo

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