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Monday, November 1, 2010

Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan is Missouri’s democratic candidate for the U.S senate, and currently holds the position of Missouri’s secretary of state. She was elected as Secretary of state in 2004 and has been involved in change ever since. From cutting down on fraud, to ensuring fair elections and increasing voting in Missouri with its first statewide voter registration system.  Its clear Carnahan has what’s best for Missourians in mind.

In the ad Carnahan exhibits nationalism but applies it to the local level. She speaks of the struggles families are going through, while Washington stands by and does nothing. She takes pride in her current position as Secretary of state; she has Missourians needs on her mind to influence her decisions, unlike her competitor Roy Blunt who has been in Washington the past 14 years. Carnahan has been living in Missouri and has a sense of what is going on.

The ad has a rural backdrop, which is appropriate being that she is from Rolla. She owns and works on her family’s 900-acre farm, proving to Missourians she is truly one of them, a hard working individual. She demonstrates compassion to the elderly by working to protect their financial security.

In other of Robin Carnahan’s ads she shows herself interacting with seniors, young children, and out and about in some of Missouri’s towns. In this particular ad she chose to focus on her message. She does not need visual aid to communicate with the voters. A simple backdrop is all that was needed. She speaks truth about her past accomplishments, and the misguided interests of her opponent.  The goal of her ad is not to bash Roy Blunt, but to inform the viewers and Missouri voters about what is going on. She makes a point to say “I’ve been here in Missouri…while congressman Blunt, he’s been in Washington for 14 years, raising his own pay, rewarding his special interest friends, and waiting our money. That’s all got to stop.”-Caroline Salozzo

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