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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We are Better than That!

The political advertisement I chose was one of Dale Peterson’s.  Dale Peterson was running for the Republican Agriculture commissioner in Alabama.  Although, Dale did not succeed in winning the election I found his ad to be very old school American like. 
                I believe this ad is very unique because of the way it stands out so much.  At the beginning of the video it starts with a close up view of the American Constitution, dog tags, and a Marine medal.  I believe this was a good strategy because it reminds us of how we had to fight to gain freedom in this country and it reminds us of our rights as an American citizen with the constitution in the back ground.  I also feel like this helps Dale out and makes him look better because it shows he fought for the country and served it.  It shows how much he cares for his country by putting his life on the line for the mere sake of the country.  I think we as Americans look at something like this and have an automatic sense of respect for someone like this. 
                Dale then proceeds to explain his past occupations: farmer, business man, and a cop, marine during Vietnam.  This gives us Americans a special connection with him because he has been a well-rounded person in his lifetime.  Many Americans can relate to this because many of the occupations he listed are occupations of many of the American people. 
                The attitude is something that I believe stands out the most to us.  He has that old school American attitude of enough of this crap, and let’s get to work.  I believe this is a great attitude because I feel us as Americans are known for this type of attitude of taking control and being a leader.  I also see this attitude as showing Dale will be no push over in office.  That he will be continue to be relentless in his efforts until he gets what the American people need. 
                I believe Dale did a good job in appealing to Americans in this ad.  Although he did not succeed in winning, he brought out and made us think about the old American ways and how we need to get back to work and cut the nonsense and the corrupt side of politics.  I feel like this ad touched base with old American values that people may have forgotten about.  Most of all I believe this ad makes Dale look like a strong leader and someone you want to represent you. 
By: Alex Kaster

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